Friday, February 25, 2011

Amelia's Sunday Spanking

Whew, finally shot the last scene for Amelia's Sunday Spanking. That's a month's worth of domestic discipline scenes captured on camera! Editing is the next step of course- hopefully ASS (as it has inevitably  been christened) will not be too far behind Acquiesce, to bring us up towards launch day!

Learned some valuable lessons shooting this time. The main one is that shooting complicated scenes is just better with more crew. Since Amelia and I are a real-life couple living together, the original pure concept was that we'd shoot everything on our own.

It turns out that just leaving the camera rolling is trickier than it sounds. Either you have the monitor pointed towards you- in which case you can't help but look at it, and you end up with some very strange looks to camera which break the intimacy of the scene or... you have the monitors turned away from you and THIS happens:

This was MEANT to be Amelia's face-cam. Not Hywel's back-cam. Of course, when I composed the shot, I thought I'd be standing further to the left. D'Oh. Fortunately, the bum-cam got a great view of all the action, and Amelia kicked and wailed enough to from out behind me for quite a few of the strokes :-)

Nonetheless, there's a good reason why we've been tending to have more crew to shoot video for the last year or two! The ideal is probably a camera operator, a sound recordist and a director, so that's what we're hoping to have on most of our video shoots this year!

Cheers, Hywel

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