Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Predicament Bondage and Bastinado, oh my!

Hi All,

After the grand rush to get Slave Auction and Haunted edited and released last year, I know it all seemed to go quiet around here.

Actually we're in the pre-production phase for our next crop of movies, and for the first few months of any project that largely involves the scriptwriter and director throwing a bunch of ideas around and thinking about the film in the bath, etc..

Possibilities for later this year include a sequel to Slave Auction (probably slated for Autumn shooting- Merlin has written a story draft and Hywel has some ideas to follow up on too). Hywel's also working on an outline for film about a sexy, manipulative white collar criminal businesswoman who tries to get away with a fortune, but gets caught in the act and blackmailed into submitting to a weekend of depraved BDSM sex or she'll be heading for prison. And there's a long-standing idea floating around for "a day in the life of a Restrained Elegance master".

Before that though we have two very exciting films in a more fully-fledged state of development- an idea based around predicament bondage, being written and directed by Steve, and a film concentrating on bastinado and foot fetish bondage being led by Ariel. We're hoping to shoot these just after Easter, so we're pushing forward on the pre-production of these now.

Steve and Ariel are putting together their outlines now, and we want to invite you to throw in some ideas for cool scenes, cool shots, or sexy stuff you'd like to see included. Once they have a brief outline, I'll post again to announce an open production meeting via chatroom so hopefully everyone can throw ideas into the mix. This worked really well with Slave Auction, so we'd love to have your thoughts and input!

Watch this space- announcement of the chatroom session dates shortly!

Cheers, Hywel.